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                                                                                                                                 14th – 19th September 2015


Aileen McGee - Akin Disu - Alice Gorton - Alison J Carr - Aristeidis Lappas

Bradley Mallett - Brenda Spooner - Dafni Bampanioti - Denise Stoot - Fiona Fletcher - Foster_m
Georgina Howard - Gianluca Pisano - Giorgia Bettini - Hannah Pratt - Holly Mansergh - Kate Enters

Kate Green - Kofi Allen - Lauren Mele - Lawrence Mathias - Lucy Ash - Madeline Hutchinson - Nicola Taylor

Noemi Szabo - Olga Mikhaseva - QBA - Rebecca Litchfield - Sabina Caceres - Scarlett Bowman

 Sjoholm Phillips - Sue Denim - Tamara Ramos - Theodore Bambacas - Y. Bahadir Yildiz


‘What Is The Point?’ is a group exhibition of 35 UK and International 2D artists. Each artist is creating a new artwork especially for the exhibition, drawing inspiration from, and attempting to answer the question, ‘What Is The Point?’


For 2015, What Is The Point? is proud to be exhibiting at the Threadneedle Space at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London.


This is the third year of What is The Point? organised by artist Kate Enters, who believes that individuals working alongside each other create power through their numbers and their sharing of information and contacts. What Is The Point? collaborates with other artists, arts projects and events throughout the year but demonstrates its philosophy through this, the annual group exhibition.

All the artists involved have agreed to support this initiative as a collaborative artistic process. The artists were chosen by a committee from a long list of applicants and once again a truly international group of artists are involved.


As a collaborative process all the artists will be working together to cover everything needed to make this exhibition a success. From bringing a set number of guests to the private view to spreading the What Is The Point? word to all their contacts.


Kate is supported by a strong committee:
Ayo Adeyinka – Art Dealer and Collector – TAFETA

Bradley Mallett – Artist

Freya Murray – Arts Manager & Founder of Stamp-House
Vivi Ibru Stankov – Collector of International Contemporary Art


T: 07779 574 628






Threadneedle Space
Mall Galleries
The Mall
London SW1

T: 020 7930 6844



Monday to Saturday:   10.00am – 5.00pm

Nearest Tube / Rail:     Charing Cross



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